About Truth to Power

Truth to Power (T2P) is about the control of information. It is based on the premise that information is truth, and knowledge is power—both in business systems and in our heads. We are dedicated to helping IT, business, legal, and audit managers improve commercial performance and reduce risk by unlocking the potential of their information.

T2P is about connection: people to people, people to ideas, ideas to action. It is often said that genius is the ability to link disparate ideas in new ways. We seek to prove this claim by empowering the information governance community to build complex ideas, business solutions, and information management frameworks—without hype, bias, or dogma. We do this in three ways:

  1. By creating genuinely useful, unbiased research and resources that support new thoughts, logical leaps, and intelligent insights
  2. By forging new links between typically insular or segregated disciplines, organizations, frameworks, and practices
  3. By enabling and encouraging community members to share practical experience and expertise towards a common good

Everything offered on T2P is vetted against these three endeavors. They are the touchstones for our efforts to spark productive conversations between IT and business managers, support the alignment of best practices and real practices, resolve the discord between what "experts" say you should be doing and what makes sense, dissolve the tension between audit and IT practitioners, reduce the impact of bad data on business decisions, unbind siloed systems, and refocus myopic expertise.

All of these challenges can be resolved with better information and better information management. T2P exists to enable both. Very few analysts or publishers cover a holistic view of IT—especially from a control and risk management perspective. Fewer still address the role of information management in a broader business context. And almost none focus on practical advice, useful perspectives, and insightful interpretation. These are voids. We try to fill them.

Finally, T2P is about change. We know there are thousands of Web sites for IT managers; hundreds of articles on SOX, PCI, and other regulations; and millions of published words on information security alone. We are all deluged with "advice." So, why are we still daily beset with news of control and risk management failures?

We suspect that much of the problem stems from the failure of "popular" information sources, many of which do little more than state the obvious, offer ivory-tower advice, and/or regurgitate the basics. Meanwhile, analysts and consultants would have you believe that insight comes at a steep price—although much commercial research simply distills aggregated information that exists (for free) in many of our heads.

You shouldn't have to choose between useful and expensive. You should be able to tap the community intelligence. And, most importantly, you deserve integrity in your professional resources. Thus, we have built T2P to be a tool for collection, amplification, and generation of community-based insight—without undue financial or process overhead.