T2P Advisory Boards

Apply to a board

Truth to Power Advisory Boards include leaders and practitioners from corporate and academic communities. The Board's primary functions are to help us shape projects, define research needs, and direct community involvement in accordance with our mission and vision.

To be eligible for the Board, you must work full-time in an IT management, corporate management, audit, or consultancy function or be engaged in full-time graduate or post-doctoral work in a field related to IT or business governance, risk management, or compliance.

We are currently reviewing applications for two committees. Please specify one or both on the Board Application:

  • The Research Committee 1) Helps define the scope of our research and focus; 2) Guides and reviews draft research offerings, tools, and related community functions; 3) Shares first-hand experiences to help direct our focus.
  • The Executive Committee 1) Suggests ways to improve our offerings; 2) Reviews new project proposals and plans; 3) Helps extend T2P's business network.

Please note: Only professionals and full-time students currently focusing on IT governance, risk management, and compliance issues may sit on Truth to Power Advisory Boards. Since we must be able to verify your employment or full-time student status to approve your Board application, we ask for a business e-mail address.

If you prefer to use a personal (generic) email address, such as @gmail.com or @yahoo.com, as your primary contact address, you may submit that as well. We'll use your business or university e-mail to verify your information, but Board communications will go through your indicated primary contact address.