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In March of 2013, we redesigned and somewhat redefined T2P. This is why.

If you visited T2P before March 2013, you might remember this cheeky little banner from our home page:


Now, as you see, this banner and its siblings are gone. Frankly, the banner itself is to blame.

You see, the T2P website has always been designed to meet our mission of empowering information governance professionals. Over the past year, however, that banner has been nagging at us. Every day we saw it (which was literally every day), it reminded us that we could be doing more to further our mission. Specifically, because the website is T2P's primary interface, we increasingly felt it should be:

  1. Better organized, to make information more accessible to T2P members and other visitors
  2. More interactive, to enable stronger, more frequent member contributions and connection
  3. More functional and generally more technologically friendly
  4. Less aesthetically daunting

At the same we were mulling these structural issues, we were deciding to profoundly change our business model—which, tactically, would necessitate rewriting a goodly chunk of the T2P website. (More about that here.) Faced with these compounding factors, we took a hard, cool look at our technical infrastructure. It had always had a few kinks. Maybe it felt a bit musty. So, what with all of the other looming changes, we figured we might as throw in a full site rebuild.

The result is the website you see today: (partly) rewritten, largely redeveloped, and entirely redesigned. Most of it needed to be done. Some of it we threw in just for fun. Of course, we hope you approve of all of it.

You'll find that almost all of the content from the "old" T2P is still here—perhaps easier to access and interact with. You'll also see quite a bit of new content and functionality across the board, including these major additions:

  • Frank LeFavi's hefty paper on reducing change-related risk. The paper includes a model change-management workflow, a few interesting anecdotes, and a thunderous weight of solid guidance, drawn from the author's decades in IT leadership.
  • The new T2P Community Projects feature. This will make it much easier tell T2P stewards exactly what resources you need—also to help build resources that other people might need too.
  • The new Policy Builder Template in our Open IT Policy Project (OITPP). The Builder makes it easy (as easy as it gets, anyway) to write and contribute well-formed policy resources. The OITPP itself has been opened up so that all templates can be readily edited by members, and you'll find that all published templates are now available as DOC and XML downloads.

As always, we hope you'll spend some time exploring and interacting with what you find here. Many people have generously and heroically helped make T2P what it is today. If you find it useful at all, please consider contributing some of your own expertise, time, and even documents back to the community.

In the meantime, we'd really love to hear your feedback on the new site. Please feel free to post general comments in the form below (please log in to see it). If you have a specific question or issue (like where to find a particular resource now, or what you'd like to see next), email the T2P Community Admin. This will ensure you get a direct response.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly:


We're alreay working on the next set of improvements.

Love the T2P redesign? Hate it? Let us know...

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