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Last changed: 2013-03-21 03:20:33

The Open IT Policy Project (OITPP) is an community-driven resource for information governance. This project is built by and for professionals in IT, compliance, audit, legal, and other roles responsible for the definition, alignment, and/or enforcement of information use and control.

The OITPP includes policies, procedures, standards, and forms. These resources are provided as text templates, designed to be easily customized for your own environment  OITPP templates are free resources, open to both use and improvement by interested professionals. Everyone can view and print the templates. T2P members may also edit existing templates and add new ones.

The value of the OITPP lies both in its knowledge content and in the ability of of professionals like you to continually increase its usefulness. You don't have to be an “expert” to strengthen the OITPP: if you know through experience—or even just common sense—how to make this governance guidance more useful, please pitch in.

Together we make governance better


Get Policies

The Open IT Policy Project contains dozens of community-vetted templates for information governance polices and related resources. Coverage includes security, change management, green computing, social media, and more. All policy resources are provided as XML and DOCX downloads, in addition to on-page text.

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Make Your Mark

Logged-in T2P members can now:

  • Edit template text and immediately see the results in page content
  • Extend policy content, and even add attachments that support policy adoption
  • Review version histories to see how a policy resource has evoloved over time
  • Add comments and tips to help other members leverage OITPP resources


Add Policies

Contributing new policy templates will help your professional peers, and support better operational risk management practices. T2P members can upload or paste whole policy documents, or use T2P's new Policy Builder template to add well-formed policy resources. Members can also request development of new policy templates via in-page forms on all OITPP resources.


We hope you can use the OITPP resources. If they're of value to you, PLEASE help expand and improve this project so that it can be even better for your fellow governance professionals.

If you would like to contribute to the OITPP, but are not yet a T2P member, please join now. Membership is free and opens up access to privileged T2P Community resources.


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