T2P Community FAQ

Do I have to join T2P to use its resources?

Many T2P resources are visible to the public; however, some key resources are available only to members.

How does T2P fund itself?

We are member funded, a revenue model that has changed since our launch.

If the content's really valuable, why are you giving it away?

Demand for a resource is not, in itself, a good reason to charge for the resource.

Who are T2P's competitors?

T2P is designed on collaborative, not competitive, market theory. While we hope to make T2P the best resource of its kind, our motivation is service---and we don't believe that's a zero-sum game.

Who can contribute to T2P?

We welcome contributions from anyone who is willing to share unbiased, credible insight related to business, IT, or information management. Contributors don't have to be members, although we always hope that contributors will want to interact on the community level, as well.

Who owns/runs/operates T2P?

T2P is owned by Truth to Power LLC, overseen by Cass Brewer, and managed and populated by a community of volunteers.